Capturing Movement

It has been difficult with my past schedule to try and keep up with my photography, and truth be told I hadn’t picked up my camera since my last post. I use my phone so much to capture these amazing moments in our lives but then they just stay there, on my phone. Once all those gigabytes are full with my captured memories, they are then placed on a more permanent storage until I have the time to sort through them (which frankly has yet to happen). So I have decided to start doing a family yearbook, which is more motivation to up keep my blog and continue to move forward with my weekly photo challenge. So today I decided to capture movement to re-kick start the weekly challenge and I love how these pictures came out. How I was able to capture the pure happiness in Genesis face as we enjoyed a nice summer day outside playing some hopscotch and twirling. It was just what I needed to dust off my camera and get inspired. I can not wait to see this challenge hit the double digits as the weeks past by.

Until next weeks inspiration!!!







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