Week Two- Rule of Thirds

This week I decided to do Rule of Thirds. Not until I was presented with this challenge did I realize that I rarely break this rule. If you look at back at my photos I almost always stick to this rule.

Do you know what the Rule of Thirds is?

Basically it is when two-dimensional canvas is split into thirds forming 9 distinct areas and four intersections. The goal is to have the primary subject placed along one of the lines of these areas.

Before I got into photography I would just point and shoot, not really worrying about the effect proper positioning would have on the photograph and how it could either make or break a picture. Now, I usually take a similar picture in different ways to see what stands out the most to me.

Do you ever use the grid feature on your phone or camera when taking pictures? If you don’t give it a try this week and see if you notice any changes in your pictures.

P.S. I absolutely LOVE Cherry Blossoms! Now that I am in Virginia there are Cherry Blossom trees are everywhere. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to incorporate them in one of my projects.



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