Week One- Selfie

Selfie (self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone). Now a days everyone takes selfies using the front facing camera, even i am guilty of that, usually put mine on Instagram every so often. So why pick a selfie as the first photograph of my 52 week long project?

The challenge for me here was to take this picture in a way where I didn’t necessarily show my face but I did tell a story about me through the picture. Not only was deciding what to incorporate into the picture difficult, but actually taking it with my camera (and not a phone), making sure that the camera was set correctly, and the lens was focused.

Before I started I had a plan, I would use my tripod, pull out the swivel LCD screen out to face me and use my remote to focus and snap! Sounds good right???Well the tripod was way  to high for one of the pictures, the LCD screen kept shutting off on me and going back to view finder mode, and my remote, well turns out the batteries died and I couldn’t use it.

But even after my plan failed I was determined not to and continued on. I’m actually very happy with how the picture turned out and how it represents me! I feel like it tells my story and thats exactly what I wanted this photograph to do.

Are you doing any type of photography project or challenge? We’d love to see it share your link with us in the comments or post the picture!

-Andrea Selfie- Week One

Week One- Selie

Week One- Selie

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