It has been a while!

Hello Everyone!

It has been a LONG LONG time since we have posted to this Blog, but truth be told it has been one crazy year. It was hard to keep up but I definitely did miss writing. Sharing our adventure and experiences all of you who read and follow us, but now things are settling down and what better time than now to start everything back up!

One thing has changed, and its our URL. We are no longer our new URL is  WWW.PURPLELEMONDROPPROJECT.COM so be sure to bookmark the new one.

I will also be starting a photography project to help me grow and improve as a photographer. I wanted to do the 365 day project but lets be honest I would most likely miss days and that ambitious 365 days will look more like 50 days, so the next best thing is tackling a project on by weeks. One picture a week choosing one style of photography a week to tackle on. Hopefully i can keep this project up and share it with you guys!

It feels great to be back!


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