Halloween drama

Hope you all had a great Halloween and Halloween weekend. We had a bit of a dramatic Halloween but it all turned out great at the end. Genesis was suppose to be a mime this Halloween, I had her outfit ready about two weeks ago with the face paint all ready to go. In my head the she was going to be the cutest twenty-one months old mime, she was going to look beyond adorable. Unfortunately, I never really realized that the biggest factor in this is that she is twenty-one months old and very stubborn at times!!! Just getting get dress that morning was a pain at first she wanted nothing to do with the suspenders, every time she would realized she was wearing them she would try to pull them off.  It was time for her make-up and all she did was run away from me, but as soon as daddy tried she let him for about a good 3 minutes, then immediately rubbed her face and her make-up came right off. So I took the rest off with a baby wipe and decided just to wait until it was naptime to try and reapply her make up. She ended up falling asleep in the car, so I parked my car and got to work on painting her face. Well the moment I finished her face she woke up and rubbed her eyes. AHHH! Can you believe it after all that, just like that it was smudged all over her face! My natural reaction was of course to throw that face paint in the nearest trashcan, wipe Genesis face off AGAIN and just hope people understood that her outfit meant she was a mime. I had to go to the commissary to buy some food and all I would hear is if she was going to get dressed up for Halloween, talk about bumming me out even more this was the straw that broke the camels back. I had to make sure this Halloween costume was great especially since last year we couldn’t go trick or treating because of Hurricane Sandy. I went to target and found this costume, which was perfect. She really loves cow but I was a little skeptical that she would leave the headpiece on. I mean this girl barely let me put a bow on her head let alone a hat. But to my surprise she left it on the rest of the afternoon and night.  Even after my little drama that I’m sure was a bigger deal in my head than it actually was, Halloween was great.


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