Chickens, ducks, and cows Oh my!

My husband always likes to relive his childhood with Genesis, doing things or bring her places he had been when he was a child. So when he remembered an animal farm he had gone to when he was six with his school we knew we had to take Genesis. This place was a pretty cool experience not only for my daughter but for myself too! There were so many farm animal there that I never really had an opportunity to see up close, let alone be in the same pen as them petting them.

The place is called Green Meadows Farm in Hazlet NJ, its seasonal opened twice a year for about a month at a time. This season ends on November 4 and everyone gets a pumpkin too! Some of the animals we were able to interact with were pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, mules, donkeys, horses, and cows. They give you the opportunity to learn how to milk a cow, for those that would like to partake in that activity, I did and apparently I am a natural! It was such a fun time! Genesis was a little scared of some of the animal like the ducks but also loved other like the sheep and goats. If it were up to her I think she would have just stayed feeding the goats and sheep all day.

It was a pretty great day and I would recommend to anyone that may have a place like this near them to go! It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, just being able to interact with those kind of animals is just something not to pass up on.

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