Pumpkin Art

This fall Genesis added a new word into her vocabulary Pumpkin! Yes I know it was bound to happen with all the pumpkin talk and pumpkin patch and all but nevertheless I get very excited, and it sound so darn cute!

I wanted to do a little paint project with her for Halloween, so she could have some fun and make something herself. I bought her pumpkin just for her, big enough for her to paint but small or should I say light enough for her to carry it herself. The next morning before bath time I set up her table and chair, her finger paint (washable of course), a brush, and the pumpkin. I stripped her down to a diaper, sat her down and let her get to work on her project. Now my little diva does not like getting paint on herself very much so I did have to keep a couple paper towels to wipe her off as soon as she realized paint got on her. But all in all she had a good time doing her project and is very proud to show everyone her bite-sized pumpkin she painted. I know the lighting in these pictures isn’t the best but I was working with what I could! It was gloomy outside, my room lights weren’t working, and to top it off Genesis did not like my camera lights so they quickly had to get turned off in order for her to start crafting.

This is a nice little project you can do with you kids at home on a rainy day, when they cant go outside and enjoy the last couple weeks we have a nice weather.


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