Hello Kitty Pumpkin

Its pumpkin season and everyone is excited about eating and drinking pumpkin everything, but I get my pumpkin excitement from carving them. Growing up I never carved a pumpkin, my family is from Colombia and our traditions and customs are different than the ones people in the US follow. A couple years back my husband and I decided is was time to carve my first pumpkin and make a competition out of it. I made Jack from the movie The Nightmare before Christmas; he made some sort of jack-o lantern with foil teeth, and well lets just say I am a little craftier than he is and mine turn out better. The following year I made the same Jack pumpkin and then that’s it I hadn’t carved another pumpkin since.

This year I found huge pumpkins (well they look huge to me) at the Amish market, 2 pumpkins for $12. Not a bad price in my opinion since my local pumpkin patch charges $8 for one pumpkin you pick no matter the size. Anyways, I ‘ve had the pumpkins sitting on the front step and finally decided it was close enough to Halloween to carve them, but I wasn’t sure what to carve. My daughter is really into cats (who knows where she got that from because this momma is scared and allergic to them) but luckily she is more than happy with a Hello Kitty cat.


I decided to look through my Cricut cartridges library on Cricut-Craft Room and found the Hello Kitty cartridge and an image that would work perfectly as a stencil. I measured the area of the pumpkin that I wanted to carve and adjusted the image size to that measurement.

Hello Kitty Stencil

I decided to cut out the stencil out of vinyl instead of cardstock or paper. The vinyl molds and bends great on the uneven surface of the pumpkin and there is no risk of it moving around.




I wasn’t sure how to tackle this project to be honest with you, but then I started to google carving a pumpkin and saw that some people don’t actually carve through the whole pumpkin, they thin out the inside areas of the stencil and leave the outline just as is. So I determined I was going to do our pumpkin that way. Armed with a Xacto knife I went to work and quickly realized I was in over my head.

I was able to find a small chisel and that save my project! I would not recommend trying to do this carving method unless you have some sort of chisel like tool.


Once the inside areas of Hello Kitty where thinned out I thought to myself that the image would pop that much move if I sprayed painted the pumpkin black while the vinyl outline was still on, so when I peeled it of I would have an orange outline. Now, this is where I recommend if you decide you want to spray paint you pumpkin you do it BEFORE you start thinning it out. Unfortunately, I decided this after thinning it out and had to go back and clean the paint from the inside areas of Hello Kitty.


Pumpkin Carving-5

The finally step is just like with any pumpkin, cut out the top and carve out the inside, but because when carving the area when you thinned it that you don’t end up cutting through it. Place a candle or LED lights that they sell at target or Walgreens to light up your pumpkin.




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